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Country Time Lord

"One hundered Years to Grow..."

I'm a teenage girl, nerd, geek, 4.0 student, aspiring history teacher, and completely obsessed with Doctor Who. I'm from South Georgia and when I'm not writing fanfic,I'm probably either listening to old country songs, shooting my bow, reading,messing around with Baron or working on school stuff.

I'm an American fan, who is in love with sci-fi and doubles as a Georgia redneck.

I'm 14 15 years old.

I'm considered a nerd at school by the average nerd, so I guess I'm a super nerd.:D

My Favorite Doctor: Ten (Followed by: 9,8,5,and 4)

My Favorite Companion: Rose (But I love Donna, Jack, and Sarah Jane dearly.)

Favorite Things to read: Doctor Who books/fanfic, social sciences (centered around conservative politics.), sci-fi, historical fiction, and Shakespeare.

Favorite Music: Country

Likes: Anything Doctor Who related, running, debates (MUN), Star Trek, baseball, muscle cars, writing, school (Super nerd! ;)), and archery.

Favorite TV shows: Doctor Who, Star Trek, Adam 12, Top Gear, and Fox News (can I count Fox and Friends? I watch that like every morning)

I have a six seven year old Whippet, named Baron. He's amazing. I've trained him since we got him and we are so tight. He goes on runs and used to bike with me, but he's gotten a bit old to keep up, with a slightly sore knee. He's my baby and I love him.

Friending Policy: Hello, most of the time if you friend me I'll friend you back unless it looks like we have nothing in common or if you scare me. If I don't friend you right away and we have something in common, then I'm probably being a forgetful teenager and well, forgot. *hugs*

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